About MNA

MNA is a strong and vital organization with 20,000 other colleagues at your side today and the echoing voices of thousands of dedicated registered nurses who have gone before you. Join MNA

Since 1905, Minnesota Nurses Association members have effectively influenced health care policy and practice. And today, no other agency is better prepared than the Minnesota Nurses Association to insist on and facilitate the change needed to ensure quality healthcare in Minnesota.

  • No other organization has the power to ensure professional distinction and personal dignity for nurses and advocacy for our patients in Minnesota.
  • No other association possesses the knowledge and the means to fight and influence on all the playing fields – on the political front, at the bargaining table, in the practice arena and in the community.

The members of this association will continue to make important contributions by continuing to:

  • Shape practice guidelines with reason and foresight.
  • Defend nurses who speak up against situations that put our patients in jeopardy.
  • Deliver new research that quantifies and attests to the importance of our role.
  • Campaign in the workplace and the public eye to change the work environment so we can, in all good faith, recruit young people to become skilled nursing professionals, and assume their rightful position at any table discussing different methods of patient care delivery.

MNA is alive with people who provide care day in and day out. Individuals who want their own lives to be good and productive. Nurses who value the lives of the people in their care. MNA is the Minnesota Nurses Association. It is you in the acute care setting in St. Paul, or in school nursing in Waseca, or long-term nursing in Duluth. At the bedside, in the classroom and in the research lab, you are an important part of this association. You are the Minnesota Nurses Association.

The destiny of the Minnesota Nurses Association continues to be built of ideas, integrity and the dedication of 20,000 members today and the promise of passionate, articulate members tomorrow.

MNA Mission Statement

Promote the professional, economic, and personal well-being of nurses.

Uphold and advance excellence, integrity, and autonomy in the practice of nursing.

Advocate for quality care that is accessible and affordable for patients and consumers.

MNA Purpose

The purpose of the Minnesota Nurses Association, a union of professional nurses with unrestricted RN membership, shall be to advance the professional, economic, and general well-being of nurses and to promote the health and well-being of the public. These purposes shall be unrestricted by considerations of age, color, creed, disability, gender, health status, lifestyle, nationality, race, religion, or sexual orientation.

MNA Strategic Goals

1. MNA empowers registered nurses to use their collective strength, knowledge, and experience to advance and enhance safe and professional nursing practice, nursing leadership, and the community health and well-being.
2. MNA exemplifies a positive, powerful union of professional nurses that advances nursing and patient interests in the Upper Midwest.
3. MNA promotes effective RN staffing and safe working conditions for both patients and
registered nurses in direct patient care, in policy and political arenas, and in our communities in the Upper Midwest.
4. MNA increases membership and participation as a union of professional nurses through effective internal and external organizing, member activism, education, and mobilization.
5. MNA actively promotes social justice, cultural diversity, and the health, security, and well-being of all in the Upper Midwest in its organizational programs and in collaboration with partner organizations.
6. MNA, in solidarity with the National Nurses United and the AFL-CIO, will promote the rights of patients, nurses, and workers across the United States.

2013 Organizational Priorities

A. Position MNA for negotiations from strength across Minnesota.
B. Transform MNA to capitalize on grassroots member collective power and activism to achieve MNA goals.
C. Organize to increase MNA membership, participation, and solidarity to promote the MNA mission and strategic goals through political activism, collective action, organizing of new bargaining units, and development of local and regional activity.
D. Educate and mobilize members around health care reform and pursue short- and long-term strategies to achieve a single payer health care system with guaranteed health care for all.
E. Continue MNA’s campaign for patient safety to ensure the integrity of nursing practice, nursing practice environments, and advance safe patient staffing standards and principles through worksite collective action, collective bargaining, legislative initiative, grassroots organizing, political action, public visibility, and education consistent with the MNA Strategic Plan and the objectives of National Nurses United (NNU).
F. Involve the labor community in advancing labor, nursing, and patient issues.
G. Play an integral role in building the National Nurses United.

Leadership Structure

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