Nursing Accent Online

Minnesota Nursing Accent
Fall 2015

In this Issue:

  • Unions Stand Strong Together
  • Mental Health RNs Share Concerns with Governor's Office
  • MNA's Legislative Report
  • Convention 2015 Highlights


Minnesota Nursing Accent
Summer 2015

In this Issue:

  • Legislative Wrap-Up
  • Convention 2015
  • Nurses Week Celebrations
  • It's State Fair Time

Minnesota Nursing Accent
Spring 2015

In this Issue:

  • MN study links nurse staffing to patient outcomes
  • Hearing shines light on hospital harassment
  • Nurses Day on the Hill 2015
  • Call for MNA elections



Minnesota Nursing Accent
Winter 2014

In this Issue:

  • 2015 Dues information
  • Connect the dots
  • MNA priorities for 2015
  • Workplace violence not part of the job



Minnesota Nursing Accent Fall 2014
In this Issue:

  • A Cautionary Tale
  • It's Convention Time
  • We're Talking Real Life
  • Members Ratify Contracts
  • Protect Your License



Minnesota Nursing Accent Summer 2014
In this Issue:

  • Spring Surge!  13 contracts in 90 days and Summer sizzles early
  • Nurses Speak Out About Staffing
  • MNA Joins Task Force on Workplace Violence
  • Historic Strike of '84 Remembered




Minnesota Nursing Accent, Spring 2014

  • Westhealth RNs Vote for MNA Representation
  • Duluth Nurses Feed the Hungry and Homeless
  • Sandstone Nurses Stand Strong Against Management Rights Clause
  • 2014 Official Convention Call
  • Continuing Education Calendar




Minnesota Nursing Accent, Winter 2013

  • 2014 Dues information
  • Convention ReCap
  • MNA Nurse Volunteers for Philippines Relief
  • Contract Successes
  • Year-End Review


Minnesota Nursing Accent, Fall 2013


  • Mankato Nurses Call for Return to Community Care
  • Nurses Protect Their Pensions
  • Safe Patient Standard Campaign Moves Forward
  • Convention Preview
Minnesota Nursing Accent, Summer 2013


  • Summer of Red = Solidarity Actions Throughout the state
  • Law Change Will Benefit Patients
  • Mobilize Around Health and Safety to Make Our Union Stronger
  • Legislative Re-Cap, 2013

Minnesota Nursing Accent, Spring 2013


  • MNA Champions the Standards of Care Act
  • Sleepy Eye Nurses Vote for MNA Representation
  • North Memorial Nurses Avoid Major Layoff Fiasco
  • 2013 Official MNA Convention Call
  • Continuing Education

Minnesota Nursing Accent, Winter 2012


  • Marshall Nurses Hop a Hayride for Patient Safety
  • 107th Annual MNA Convention Wrap Up
  • Bagley Nurses Expose a Sanford Scare
  • MNA Year in Review


Minnesota Nursing Accent, Fall 2012

  • Convention Preview, featuring the Convention Call, which is appended by proposed MNA Bylaws changes
  • Why 2012 Elections Matter to RN Values
  • Scripting: The Wrong Rx for Patient Care


Minnesota Nursing Accent, Summer 2012
Issue Contents:

  • Albert Lea Nurses "Get the Red Out"
  • Fairview "Ruthless" Debt Collection Tactics
  • Member Action Teams Tap People Power
  • Study:  Bedside Nursing Knowledge Co-Opted by Boardroom Bottom Line
  • MNA Nurses Rally for Robin Hood Tax
  • Legislative Wrap


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