Health and Safety in the Workplace

Minnesota is recognized across the country as a leader in addressing the myriad health and safety issues nurses face in their work environment. Blood-borne pathogens, violence, back injuries, and other factors jeopardize nurses every day.

MNA members and staff initiated groundbreaking research that exposed this formidable danger and, after identifying the scope of the problem, we took action to address it. Since the late 1980s, we insisited on including health and safety issues in contract language. Ten years before it gained national attention, we were working with state and national congressional agencies about violence in the workplace. We achieved significant rule changes in OSHA standards. We educated our own colleagues about the importance of injury prevention. In addition, we gained important inroads in dealing with the aftermath of injuries. Where nurses once were shut out of insurance when workers’ compensation kicked in, language in many Minnesota contracts now provides for continued economic contributions to health insurance premiums for up to 24 months after the injury.

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