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The Twin City Hospitals - Minnesota Nurses Association Pension Plan is a vehicle to ensure a measure of economic security at retirement. 

Initiated in 1962 through the efforts of visionary MNA members who worked tirelessly for its implementation, the plan is a standard-bearer for the industry. Business leaders praise it for achieving a level of benefits that leads the community. 

Today, this fund that is exclusively financed with employer contributions totaling over $820 million. 

The Plan is administered by a joint Committee made up of three MNA representatives and three Hospital representatives. 

MNA Representatives: Scott Kleckner, MNA Labor Relations Specialist; Kristen Schneider, RN, Minneapolis Children's Hospital; Pat Webster, RN, North Memorial Medical Center 

MNA Alternates: Juli Uzlik, RN, Fairview Southdale Hospital; William Spartz, MNA Labor Relations Specialist; Eileen Kopp, RN, HealthEast St. John's Hospital 

MNA Consultant:  Anthony Lusavardi, Attorney, Lindquist and Vennum 

Wilson-McShane Corporation 
The Committee has retained Wilson-McShane Corporation to handle all of the day-to-day administration of the Plan and to maintain Pension records. If you have questions about your work record on file, your probable eligibility for benefits, or the process for applying for a Pension, call Wilson McShane at 952-854-0795 or 800-535-6373. Ask for someone regarding the Twin Cities MNA Pension Plan. 

You may contact Scott Kleckner or William Spartz at the MNA office (651-414-2800) for information and assistance in problem resolution related to your Twin Cities Pension. 

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